Men are different. We think different. We talk different. We feel different. And our skin is different. It is thicker, more oily, it contains more sweat glands and we have up to 30.000 whiskers. More or less, we all have our problems with our skin. In my opinion, body care isn’t only an obligation for women. We men also need care and especially in that case we have to access to products in the mens department. Our care has to be clear, functional, fast and effective.

The assortment of products is huge, so I wanted to pick out two specific ones. In fact, two products from Clinique. Summer is unfortunately is over now, but I really have no desire to loose all my tan already. You’re the same opinion? First of all I use the “MOISTURIZER HYDRATANT“ with a sun protect factor 21. It is an oil-free formula which absorbs quickly and improves the skin’s condition. In addition with that hydratant I add a really small dab of the “FACE BRONZER“. It is also oil-free and it provides a total natural, fresh and sporty tinting. I recommend ten parts of the moisturizer and one part of the face bronzer for a natural and fresh tan.

Hey men, let’s do something good for your skin:


In collaboration with CLINIQUE FOR MEN