Yes, I think you know why I call this outfit “Fleecy“. Thanks to Urban Outfitters for equipping me with such a comfortable and lit looking bomber jacket.

I’m really in love with it’s look and it keeps me warm at the same time. This was really necessary on that shooting day which is a while ago now.

Thanks to March we have some warmer days now. That day I had the pleasure to have two photographers next to me. Toni, as usual, and Kevin which I know since summer 2015 when we made a short commercial for Cat Berlin.

In addition to my bomber jacket I wore my probably most favorite shoes at the moment, the Derby model from Dr.Martens. I wanted to keep the convenience and decided to wear some tracksuit trousers from Nike and a salmon-colored shirt, from the homebrand Shore Leave by Urban Outfitters. My watch is from Timex.

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