Uh what a bad weather we have here in Berlin for a while now. Temperatures became higher but I think 80% of the last two or three weeks were rainy days.

It can be cloudy for some days in a row but what I really can’t deal with are a few weeks full of rain. But thanks god we have the fashion industry, which forearms us for every weather condition.

Days like these are the perfect opportunity to pack out my new black raincoat from Stutterheim. Nordic minimalistic style combined with comfort and practical effect.

I wear my Nike Huarache, which are also perfect for rainy days. The tracksuit trousers from Nike add even more comfort to my outfit. Glasses are from YUN Berlin and the weekender “Jordan“ from Sandqvist rounds a casual, black and nordic look for a rainy day up. Inside are a lot of news, projects and inspirations. Tomorrow I will head to Basel with Johnny from www.newkissontheblog.com and meet up there with Samsung. On sunday you can’t miss my third Hairtutorial on YouTube!

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