Good morning everybody, get up it is super sunny and the temperature will raise over 20 degrees today.

As you will see in my face when you scroll down, summerfeelings have already catched me. Toni and I were productive last weekend and I was in the mood to wear something different than usual: SUIT.

But Digel made it very practical. Why? The “Active Suit“ is like tailored for me. Classy, young and most of all casual as well.

Go vivid. Move.



What’s your opinion? Should I wear more classy stuff? I’m really open minded when it is about styling and fashion directions. You see me in sneakers, oversized hoodies, caps and denim jackets most of the time, but I also have a big preference for suits and that “perfect-fit-stuff“. I definitely want to stock up my high fashion wardrobe 😉

Rest of the Outfit: Sneakers from Reebok, shirt from Topman, glasses from Komono.