Today I wanna talk about the “reversible jacket“ from Farah. We had a couple of windy and rainy days in the past weeks and I honestly have to say that this bomber jacket really helped me to get through.

I earn the ideal companion which equips you for those bad weather conditions and looks good at the same time. But there is another bonus, actually it isn’t only one jacket, it’s two! What? How that?

When you scroll through this post, you’ll see the main side of the jacket which is all navy and the other side where you can recognize a light olive green in the lower half.

Depending on your mood and of course, the rest of your look, you are able to easily switch the sides. My New Balance (420) offer the possibility to wear both.

I found an article on The Idle Man, where the history of the brand Farah is portrayed. This was very fascinating to me so I decided to pick out a little excerpt for you.

If one thing is for certain when it comes to Farah, it’s that the clothing line brandished with the golden F is a timeless classic that has transcended age and culture since it’s 35 cent Chambray shirts graced our wardrobes way back when, or 1910 to be precise.
Since then, Farah has been proudly worn by some of the world’s most influential men for the past 90 years. Today the golden F continues to be a badge of honor amongst creative professionals, musicians and artists.

I wear sneakers from New Balance, #420 in a remarkable green which is a little rarity to be honest. Usually you find me in black or white shoes, but this one has that certain something to dare the step and wear colors. Somehow, they remind me on the style of the Nike Blazer model that I also have and still adore. Unfortunately there are barely any shops where you can find them. The jeans are from Cheap Monday, the grey sweater is also a Farah item and the beanie is from Nike SB.

I got to know Farah from my very first contacts with Urban Outfitters. Farah shines with comfort, basic fashion and it’s colors which made me interested for more.

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