How to wear stripes?

Well guys, those who already know me and my style can see without more ado that I like to keep it stylish and casual at the same time. I usually pay attention for single-colored pieces and try to avoid colorful clothes. So a lot of black and white is very present in my wardrobe. But what about some striped pieces?

Honestly I’ve to say that I just own two or three of them. One of them is this shirt from Levi’s, size XL. Stripes on this shirt are very thick and therefore very brash. In that case you guys have to make sure that this shirt will be the highlight of your look.

Please, do not combine it with striped or patterned trousers. Avoid colorful additions, better keep it plain like I did.

Starting with the world-famous Old Skool sneakers from Vans. I know, many people can’t see them anymore because they’re simply everywhere. But hey, let’s be honest, this sneaker fits to EVERY outfit. Fact.

Let’s continue with my trousers from Digel which were part of my “Active Suit“. Here is the link to the post: and as well to the video: if you missed it. The grey color spreads a little bit of a depressing feeling but it totally fits to this look.

Trucker Jacket: Also from Levi’s, size S. Beige assorts well to the remaining colors like black, grey, white and dark blue and it gives that colorless outfit a little bit of brightness.

Last but not least, a piece which we should never forget if we combine a whole look: Accessory. In my case I wear some glasses with clean lenses and a black frame from YUN. By the way they are from the new collection of my favorite Berlin based eyewear brand. Here you can also see that I chose a very simple model.

I have another valuable fact of a striped shirt. Usually I roll up the sleeves of my T-Shirts, but I don’t do that with striped shirts. I don’t know why but I think you just have to leave it like it is, otherwise you ruin the pattern.

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