Sinister, dusky, dark, blackness. Just a few words that might have circulated in the peoples heads while they looked at me with wide opened eyes.


Truly, this is one of those rarely seen “strange“ outfits on me. But hey I really don’t wanted to scare the others. It was just the try to combine this super long turtleneck. Yes, it is a turtleneck!

One Piece showed courage when they sent it to me. With success, at least it can be seen here on my blog.

Advantage: You don’t really have to wear something else unless shoes.

Disadvantage: It is really hard to walk with it. Respect to all ladies out there who have a preference for skinny skirts, I feel you!

Anyhow, I still own this piece and I could definitely imagine to wear it again, maybe at a fashion week.

Not to forget I also wear black Huarache sneakers and socks from Nike. Below I’ve worn some thermal trousers. Backpack: Eastpak.

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