Straightforward, or straight forward. My last outfit on “old” and my latest and first one here on the “new“ I’ve put in a lot of extra hours and energy into my new blog. It is clearer structured now, better linked, and more stylish.

It was super important to me to change simply nothing. I wanted to maintain my minimal style, as you can see on this website here. I still avoid loud colors and put clean basics together.

“Straightforward“ should be the start into a completely new chapter of my life. I still write about fashion, show you some outfit inspirations.

In “fashion“, I also want to give you tips, more or less, about some favorite pieces, how you can combine and style them.

I still write about travel, hopefully a little more in the near future 😉

Here, I’ll play tourist guide on the one hand, and on the other I’ll show you my adventures and feelings in form of videos and thrilling photos.


A new chapter and category is born: “health”. I hardly ever showed you guys how sports and healthy nutrition influences my life. But this is over now. In “health“ I’ll give you tips for keeping yourself fit, videos and tutorials how I constellate my workouts and meals during the day. But this is not the only thing you’ll see here. Toni and I had an idea. We’ll give you guys kind of a “restaurant guide“ with hard but fair rates. Sounds interesting? Stick around!

In total, this should be an “Allround-Lifestyleblog“. Fashion, travel, health, grooming. All sections that pushing me forward every day. I’m looking (straight) forward to show you much more of my world. Be inspired!

My outfit: Shoes from Hummel, jeans from Levi’s, t-shirt from Urban Outfitters, shades from Komono, cap from Farah.

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