Still Sunday, July 9, around 5 p.m. Some people discovered a young man who has worn a total skater look. Right, talking about me. I was bold enough to mingle with all the suit-wearers and businessmen on the world-famous Wall Street. On me: The “Old skool” sneaker from Vans, white socks from Nike, olive green shorts from Dickies, linen shirt from COS, and cap, also from Nike.

So there was it, the financial district in Downtown, Manhattan. I really did not believe that this district will be so photogenic. With its high buildings it has the same characteristics as Midtown indeed, with one big difference: Streets here become alleys and because of that it all looks more fascinating.

I mean, how did they even build this? When I’m talking about “alleys“ I mean only 3-4 meter wide streets. So standing in one of those alleys feels like being in a dark room, though it is middle of the day. Perfect for some outfit shots.

So with this look I’m officially closing our first weekend in the big apple. From Monday on you’ll get all stories about wherefore we’ve actually been there: The New York Men’s Fashion Week. Don’t miss it!

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