New York Men’s Fashion Week, spring/summer season 2018. What did we noticed? Who attracted most attention? What are the coming trends?

We had the chance to check out the collections from 16 designers in total. Here are some impressions for you to be up to date to the latest menswear trends and to get some ideas for your next outfit-combination.


Simply every designer dared to flow in colors. Don’t be afraid of colorful pieces, they’ll be very present next year.

“Wood House“ shows stripes, and brash pieces.

“Head of State“ with a lot of sand and red tones.

A lot of colors and patterns from “Descendant of thieves“.

Go pink! Nice one from “Feng Chen Wang“


Actually we were a little bit relieved when we discovered casual, wearable in everyday life fashion. Wide gutted suit pants, tracksuit tops, sneakers. It was like Urban Outfitters and Asos were represented as well, thumbs up!

“You as“ very similar to Urban Outfitters.

Awesome presentation from “Life in perfect disorder“. Very cozy pieces, wearable, and a coop with Vans. Brilliant!


“Dyne“ shows it. Functionality meets fashion.


Patterns again, this time from “R.Swiader“. Plus: a lot of grey and white tones, no colors.

“Bristol LA“ comes with oversized and some plush pieces. Very straight cuts, just like “Maiden Noir“.


A very important area this season for me personally. “Krammer & Stoudt“ favours blue tones and stripes.

My favorite designer here was “David Hart“. Very simple collection with a lot of linen pieces, vivid colors and cool styles. Reminded me on the people on the “Pitti Uomo“ exhibition in Florence.


We’d have been more than surprised if we hadn’t see the one or the other strange collection at the New York Fashion Week. But yes, we did.

“Heliot Emil“ was actually a great collection. Very cool bomber jackets, mint tones and some pieces with camouflage. It was something between crazy and still wearable.

“Private Policy“ with a very patriotic performance.

But “Sanchez Kane“ absolutely excelled in this category.


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