Monday, July 10. New York Men’s Fashion Week, day one.

You guys hopefully filtered out all upcoming menswear trends in my article from Monday. If not, read them here.

It was about 10:30 a.m. when Toni, our cameras, and I arrived in front of Dune Studios, where the so-called “New York Men’s Day“ took place. Twelve designers in total were splitted into six designers before midday and six in the later afternoon. All collections where showed in presentations.

In the midmorning we saw Daniel Hechter, Bristol LA., Krammer & Stoudt, Wood House, Head of State, and David Hart. Later Private Policy, R. Swiader, Maiden Noir, Descendant of thieves, Heliot Emil, and Life in perfect disorder.

As I’m a person that always wants to recreate and improve things I decided to change my way of fashion a little bit. Not long ago I shopped in H&M’s but today I want something more than only the appearance of my clothes. I started to take closer looks over quality and workmanship of the pieces. Yes, I want to enter the designer section.

This look here is a good start to show you how it could look like. My four pieces had a value of approximately 500 euros and promptly British Vogue covered it.

Good Lord, of course not Woodstock – Birkenstock! – Manolo Blahnick

Navy oversized suit pants from Ami, and white/blue-striped short-sleeved shirt from A.P.C. So at a stroke I had two designer pieces on me. Shades from Komono and sandals from Birkenstock on my feet. I was a little bit proud of this constellation because it was absolutely survivable at 30 degrees and even more comfortable. Though the Birkenstocks are very criticized I totally trust in their convenience. And by the way, they are super easy to combine. Just be sure to have neat feet. 


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