Levi Strauss. Explorer and creator of the probably most worn garment in the world: the Jeans. Zalando, one of the most successful mail order companies in Germany. And then there is me, just another public figure. What do I have in common with these two big names? I tell you.

Jeans are always a good idea. Levi’s is the best.


In the beginning of this year’s June, Zalando and Levi’s Germany started a new project. Levi’s’ consumers on Zalando remain to be quite female driven. This very campaign is aiming to change that by engaging with men only.

Faces of this campaign are, beside me, AJ from stilysto.com, Patrick from iampatricklesser.com, David from spotlife-blog.com, and Sina from instagram.com/xmanijx/. The Levi’s “MenInitiative“ was born.


5 men, 5 personalities, 5 fits.
Everyone of us will be celebrated in his month. Today we’re talking about the 512 Slim Taper. September, you’re mine!

The 512 Slim Taper sits rather low on your waist. It is comfortable on the thighs and becomes slim tapered down the leg. That makes the 512 a perfect alternative to the popular 511.

When I wear Jeans, I choose Levi’s. In my Levi’s 512 I feel alive.

#LiveInLevis #MenInitiative #ZalandoStyle


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