Long time no fashion post. It took me a little longer to publish this one here on www.kevinelezaj.com. But finally it is here and I tell you what guys, it is one of my favorite shoots of the last weeks.

By accident Richy and I discovered this spot about three weeks ago. Yes, usually we should be in Los Angeles at this time, but meanwhile we all know this story. However, we already knew this place but they simply changed the color of the wall. At first it was a mix of pink and orange, something like terracotta. This was already nice but to be honest, the current color is much cooler.

The sand tones instantly fell in love with my green sweater from Champion.

My shades from Komono were building the cherry on the cake.

Though, the ripped Jeans from Loom and my old skool Vans made a good performance as well.

By the way, everything except the shades is from Urban Outfitters.

Incredible, how much I can write about this wall. We only needed a few minutes for these photos and somehow it was clear that they will look good. Work can be easy guys. 

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