Dear reader, welcome to a new outfit-post. Yes, it is an all-black-look once again. Boring?! But this time there is flashing out a little detail. Or should I say, a very big detail?

Monday, October 16, Olympiapark Munich.

Richard Yu, CEO of the HUAWEI Consumer Business Group introduced the presentation of a new chapter, the Mate10 series. It is another milestone of the Chinese major corporation and another step into the future of smartphones.

On this day, HUAWEI launched the Mate10, the Mate10 Pro, and the Porsche Design Huawei Mate10, which was also a true eye-catcher for me.

When a new phone drops I always ask myself: “How are they able to consistently improve so many things on such a small device? “ The batteries last longer, the Screen-to-Body Ratio is being reduced, the cameras are becoming a real competition for all professional cameras, and so on. That’s always fascinating and of course, these improvements make my job much easier. Because of that I love modern technology and of course, I’m always curious about the newest releases.

Richard Yu started this year’s keynote with a very simple but argumentative preamble. In ten years of the smartphone, so many things have changed. Nowadays it is usual to use it for taking photos, working en route, entertainment, reading, social networking, working out or even for processing payments. Communication alone is water under the bridge. These facts are making the smartphone to the most important device for most of us these days. You can imagine that I can tell you a thing or two about that.

Back to the Mate10. This one here in my Urban Outfitters suit pants is the Pro version. How is it, the match between the phone and my outfit? The combination embodies strength, modernism, and timelessness. And yes, the Mate10 Pro has all those features.

Special facts about the HUAWEI Mate10 Pro

So what are the key facts of the Mate10 Pro and which are the most useful ones for me?

With 4000mAh the battery is a strong benefit compared to other smartphones. It isn’t only more long-lasting, it also charges from 0 up to 58% in only 30 minutes. 4x faster than wireless charging. For me this is one of the most important technical facts.

Another fact that I definitely have to emphasize is the intelligent photography of the Mate10 Pro. Making good photos with my phone is a very decisive point. Best example is the use of Instagram Stories.

I think over 80% of the content of my stories is created with my phone. Therefore it is important to have a good smartphone camera included, for mobile content creation. A dual camera, dual ISP, and the Artificial Intelligence engine play together here.

HUAWEI comes with the world’s largest aperture dual f/1.6 smartphone camera lens, which enables a fascinating bokeh effect. The dual ISP brings a faster response time and focus, and enables high quality photos in low light scenarios.

The Artificial Intelligence processor is also able to learn, meaning: If you want to take a portrait, so the phone recognizes it as a portrait, so you don’t have to make any special settings manually. This is also the case when you take a photo of your meal. It will recognize it as food and it adjusts itself appropriately. The other eleven scenes and objects: Plant, text, stage, blue sky, snow, beach, dog, cat, night shot, sunset, and flower.
This intelligence helps to take good photos with every single shot, in every scenario, for everyone. You don’t need to be a professional photographer; the Mate10 Pro takes the work out of your hands.


PC Mode: Heads up! The HUAWEI Mate10 Pro is also a computer. What? Plug your phone to a screen and switch into the PC Mode, – and your mobile phone transforms to a computer. You’re even able to connect a keyboard or a mouse via bluetooth. Once it is plugged with a screen, the phone subserves as a touchpad. As Mr. Yu said, the smartphone is the most important device for us and it really seems that by now we can do everything with it.

Of course, there are some other practical side effects like the finger sensor at the back of the phone, the FullView HDR Display which makes video-streaming more exciting, the 3D curved design for a perfect holding or the strong AI processor, that makes the HUAWEI Mate10 Pro a real milestone.

Rest of my outfit: Shoes from Dr. Martens, knitwear from Asket, jacket from The Cords.

Before I forget it: Fast preorders of the Mate 10 pro are going to be rewarded! Additionally to the phone you’ll receive a Moleskine® Smart Writing Set incl. bag worth 299 euros. Get it here:

In friendly collaboration with HUAWEI.

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