Stutterheim is a Swedish brand which manufactures functional and noble rainwear in highest quality. All coats are produced in finest handwork and are characterized by simplicity, functionality, and timeless design.


You guys maybe recognized one or the other raincoat from Stutterheim on me.

This little paragraph above inspires me. It’s exactly what I want to wear.

I adore Swedish brands for this, because most of them accomplish it to create noble apparel.

We just have to think of Acne Studios, Cos, Sandqvist, The Cords & Co., Asket, and many many more.



So what else could be better? A collaboration with another designer! Always an exciting thing, when two creative brands come together. So, I’m very happy to wear this raincoat from the last collection of Stutterheim X Marni.

Marni is a luxury brand founded in 1994.
Slightly out of the schemes, its subtle and subversive design celebrates individuality through an unpredictable visual language of graphic rigor.
The aesthetic paradigm is characterized by an experimental approach to materials and colors, and a unique flair for mixing prints and shapes.

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Sneakers: Nike SB
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Coat: Stutterheim
Beanie: Topman

Richy took these photos on Tuesday, which was day 1 of the Berlin Fashion Week. I was very happy to have him here. Creativity ascends immediately when you’ve good and affine company around you. Of course, outfit and shooting location also play a very important role. We found this little backyard on the way to our one and only show we’d an invitation for.

Usually it was planned to shoot and film 3 outfits. One each on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. On this day, the batteries of my gimbal were dead. On Wednesday we forgot our memory card at home. On Thursday we suddenly had some other plans plus the weather was so damn horrible the whole week. Rainy, snowy, and really cold. Can’t wait to go to Bali on Monday. So unfortunately there’s no outfit video and just this look here. But I’ll feed you with this content until the beginning of next week.

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