Dear readers, I’m very happy to continue my partnership with REVIEW. I mentioned it a few times already, the german-based streetwear brand is one of my most faithful fashion accompanists.

I always remember the time being a teenager and buying clothes with my own pocket money for the first time. REVIEW was one of those brands, because I always looked out for simple and cool pieces. It also carries many statements along, with which I agree. The spirit of age and the influence of the different subcultures act as their inspiration and gives them countless opportunities to reinvent themselves.

So Felix took these photographs of me, where you can see me in 3 different key looks of the current REVIEW line. You can easily shop the looks by clicking on the links below.

Jeans: Click here.
T-Shirt: Click here.

Trousers: Click here.
Sweater: Click here.

I’m glad that I have the chance to work with REVIEW and to constellate outfits for you, because I watched their journey and how they always reinvent themselves. I reflect myself with the brand, because I also developed and grew over the years. This makes me proud.

Create your looks: 

Trousers: Click here.
Shirt: Click here.

So there’s one more thing I can mention already. From September 2nd until 5th I will explore Budapest, Krakow, and Warsaw. Just keep following me on my social channels, you won’t miss this. Just keep following my Social Media Channels or REVIEW via Instagram as well as #neverestablished & #reviewgang.

In friendly collaboration with REVIEW.


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