Finally I had the opportunity to issue another article in the category Health/Food/Travel. For your memory: I visit different restaurants, cafes, and bars and I’ll order the most appealing dishes and drinks. Afterwards I give a fair rating here on my blog. And of course, the requirement for every company is to have healthy meals on their menu. I’ll rate the following points from 1 (very bad) to 5 stars (very good) before giving a total summary: Food, price-performance, service, cleanliness, interior, and location.

This time I visited the Latino Lounge Bar in Freistadt, Upper Austria. The hometown of my family on the maternal side.

Back when I was a kid I spent a lot of time in my school holidays here, mostly at my grandparents’ place. So I already know this tiny little town and it was no accident that my mum and I went there one week ago.

The owner of the Latino Lounge Bar is no lesser than my uncle Christian. Therefore it was definitely something special to write this review here.

The development of the Latino started in 1985, when it initially opened as a gym called “Champion“. Included was a buffet, so the first connection to the gastronomy was noticeable.

In 1991 the gym and the bar got separated and thenceforth the name was “Latino Mexican Bar“. So now you guys know into which direction we’re moving here: MEXICAN!

After a few conversions, the big non-smoking area was opened in 2011. This year, also the smoking-area was renewed.


So let’s start with the first and probably most important category: Food.

We ordered the ensalada toscana, the pulled pork tortillas, the baguette caprese, the brasil smoothie (strawberries, freshly squeezed orange juice, lime juice), and some nachos as a typical Mexican starter.

I’d really like to show you the size of kitchen. Amazing how much comes out of it, the dishes were really tasteful and the preparation was considerable.

Variety: I was a little bit startled, because for a bar the selection was great. Beside the vitamin shakes you also have a big assortment of baguettes, salads, and tortillas. There is even an own Texmex-Menu, appropriate to the Mexican topic. This one is indeed only available on Thursdays, when it is not a holiday. By the way, Tuesday is burger day in the Latino.

Rating: 4  for flavor, 3  for appearance, 4 for variety




Ensalada Toscana: € 7,1. Totally fine.
Pulled Pork Tortillas: € 7,8. Not the cheapest but really tasty.
Baguette Caprese: € 3,4. Totally fine.
Nachos with cheese: € 3,2. Totally fine.
Brasil Smoothie: € 3,2. Cheap! In major cities you pay twice as much.

Rating: 4,5 


You can notice right away that you’re in a small town where everyone is used to know each other. Totally the opposite of a big coffee house chain, where kindness is mostly secondary. You’re treated differently.

Rating: 5  for kindness, 4  for accomplishment


Everything was very clean. Only weak point were some fag burns in the couch but that of course isn’t the fault of the bar itself.

Rating: 4,5 


I know how the local looked like before the big renovation in 2011. After this big change it is really stylish and comfortable know. It totally invites to spend a nice evening there, either for a drink or even a nice dinner.

Rating: 4 


Eisengasse 10, 4240 Freistadt.
Probably I found the only blind spot in the location of the Latino, but if you’re based in Upper Austria it is definitely worth a visit.

Rating: 3 


The Latino Lounge Bar, a local with history and it always welcomes for a nice dinner with family, or one and the other cocktail with some friends. It is great to watch the development and even better to know that this is part of the family.

Final grade: 4 

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