As you might have seen in my stories from the beginning of September, the #reviewgang took over three east European cities in two countries. Budapest, Krakow, and Warsaw.

I received a lot of messages about this trip. This time it was all organized by REVIEW, so different than for example our 4-week-trip through south-west Europe.

So basically it was about a creative replacement between all the participants, which were the following: Me, Willy, Alyssa, Kicki, Dilan and Dillan and to shoot in different cities and locations. This is always good for having a wider range of content.

And of course it was about the September collection from REVIEW. Autumn comes closer, as you can see in the colors of the different pieces.

Left look: T-Shirt, Pants.

Right look: T-Shirt.

So our little adventure started in the capital of Hungary, Budapest. Beforehand I have to say, that I visited all the cities for the very first time. To be honest, I’ve always underrated the east or rather was it never really on top of my bucket list. But the thing is, and I really noticed this during the week, we discovered so many nice locations and we literally have them next door.

Click play below if you wanna have some moving images.

Shop the Sweater.

In two buses we continued our road trip on Monday, after only one night in Budapest, which was a little bit sad, towards Krakow. The schedule didn’t admit anything else, but now I know that it is definitely worth to come back to Budapest one day again.
We made several stops during the journey, amongst others at this old border check above, which isn’t in service any more. We were searching for rough sceneries and we found them.

Left look: Sweater.

Right Look: Jeans, T-Shirt.

8 hours later we arrived in Krakow, Poland. The photo below was taken before Dinner on the second day. This has been in an old industrial area where a few bars, clubs, and restaurants were located. Definitely one of my highlights of Krakow.

My look: T-Shirt, Jacket.

Another highlight was as we rented this old Mercedes here.

This series was by far my favorite. Endless retro vibes here we gooo.

Funny side note: We stopped by at, I don’t know, more than 10 gas stations. It somehow became tradition. And of course, we didn’t rob any of them 😀

We all had a great time, discovered new places, and have worn the newest pieces from REVIEW. Got inspired? Go and check out the latest collection here.

In friendly collaboration with REVIEW.

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