Se hace camino al andar“ or “it is made by walking“. Toni, Richy and I enjoyed our 9 days in the catalan capital and we had a bit of time to explore this city more closely.

I will give you a short overview of Barcelona’s hotspots, where you’ll get some really good “tapas“, where you should go to swim and which places should be visited.

1. Breakfast at Tosca Tapes

For me, breakfast is the most enjoyable meal of the day. If you think similar, I really recommend you “Tosca Tapes i Vi“. A really cute tapas bar near Placa de Catalunya with an awesome selection of breakfast, tapas, vegetables or meat dishes. Adress: Carrer de Sant Pere Més Alt, 8, 08003 Barcelona, Spain.

2. Rickshaw tour

Guys, if you never tried out a rickshaw to get from A to B you really missed something special. Especially in Barcelona along the pier. You should be even more happy when you have a rickshaw driver with an overdose of adrenalin, which one drives very fast through the narrow streets of el gothic.

3. Visit Cala Sant Francesc

The beaches of Barcelona are mostly very crowded and the drink sellers can be really irritating with time. For that I have a good advice for you. Well, honestly it isn’t a secret tip because it is very popular, advisably. Cala Sant Francesc is a really beautiful bay near Blanes, a small city on the Catalan coast. The only thing is that you should rent a car for this trip. Is reachable in hour from Barcelona. But It is definitely worth it if you’d like to see a small paradise.

4. Explore the best shooting locations

Barcelona is for creatives like me. El gothic and La Barceloneta were pushing my inspiration and creativity for taking photos there.

El gothic is the oldest district in Barcelona and it is embossed by it’s really old buildings and small alleys.

La Barceloneta is like a very old and small manhattan. Straight streets and a lot of laundry which hangs down from the balconies awaiting you here. Both quarters are perfect for shootings.

5. Party at the beach

PARTY is, beside shopping opportunities and the beach life, a big word in Barcelona. Guys trust me, this city knows how to party. All interesting clubs are located down at the beach. If you love Hip Hop and RNB like I do, go to Shoko or Catwalk. The music there is just an enjoyment. But be careful, the taxi or rickshaw drivers really want to trick you with abnormal prices in the early morning.

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