Welcome to a short “How-to-guide“. It is a while ago that I’ve showed you a hair tutorial, but I’ve decided to give you an actual overview once again.

My hairstyle is different than in those days and I also use some other products now. As my upper hair was quite shorter about a year ago, I used a hair powder most of the time to fix it. Now, as my upper hair is way much longer, I rather want to have this salty surfer look. Follow the following three steps, also shown in a video for you!

I’d shortly like to introduce you Aveda, a beauty care company which focusses on respectful and solicitous handling with the environment in their manufacturing.

It is not the only brand that I use for caring and styling my hair, but I decided to show you the three following products. They are a great solution to style your hair for the quick use and to care or rather prevent hair loss for the longer-term. It is specialized for making thin hair thicker and stronger.

Step 1: Washing

First I use the nourishing exfoliating shampoo. With it, I wanna set the base for a clean hair with a comfortable texture.

Step 2: Massaging

Make sure your hair is still a little bit wet. I take the scalp revitalizer, go through my hair while touching the scalp with the pipette and massage it in. Just a very little amount of it is totally enough. It gives your hair the last fleecy touch and reduces hair loss from breakage as well. As I tell you in the video above, I really love to use hair oils. Just use it once a week after shower and your hair feels much more healthier I promise.

If you’re done with that, don’t use a towel to dry your hair. I just need my comb and a hairdryer.

Click on the photo below, it shows a gallery of further steps.

Step 3: Finishing

Last step: Thickening paste. The amount of a hazelnut is perfect. First smear it up in your hands and make sure to involve all of your hair with the paste.

It encases every hair and makes it thicker.

Résumé: A very simple way right? It only takes me about 5 minutes and the products are super useful and caring at the same time. I hope you guys have a closer overview of how I style my hair now. Have fun trying it yourself 😉

Nourishing exfoliating shampoo: http://bit.ly/2sx4n9O
Scalp revitalizer: http://bit.ly/2sSmPMD
Thickening paste: http://bit.ly/2sSmSrN

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