As I told you at second 0:10 in my latest hair tutorial, which you can see below , I went to a Barber Shop last week. To be more precisely, I visited the Aveda Barbershop at Kurfürstendamm.

On the first floor, you can find the Aveda Lifestyle Salon & Spa, whereas the shop and the quite recently opened barber corner are located on the ground floor. Luckily, I had the chance to find myself getting a soothing facial treatment and furthermore I got a little workshop how to use the Aveda Men products.

We started with washing my hair, as shown in my video, with the Nourishing Exfoliating Shampoo which is the first part of the Invati Men series. The concept behind this series is very simple: It helps you developing a stronger and thicker hair for men by the power of nature. This is the best solution for hair loss and honestly, which man wants that?

After this I got a fresh haircut and another washing, though this time without shampoo. As you can see here, my barber used the Scalp Revitalizer exactly like I did in my video. Put it on your scalp, massage it in and dry your hair with a blow dryer into your preferred direction.




We were almost finished with my hair styling.

The next step contained a super enjoyable facial treatment and my barber used some Aveda skin care products, to freshen me up.

I think you can see for yourself that I enjoyed it 100%, I could definitely get used to this.

Last step: Finishing with the Thickening Paste, a real natural talent.

It consists of 93% naturally derived ingredients which encase every single hair while building a layer that appears to make the hair thicker.

In the center are the Amla-extracts. Amla is a hard, round fruit from India which applies as a thickener for generations.

By the way: All Invati Men products smell heavenly. At the paste you can sense a fresh aroma of kunzea, lemon and vetiver.

And now I have some great news for you:

You can save shipping costs if you buy the brand-new Thickening Paste at Aveda until April 30.

Additional to your shopping you’ll get a small bottle (10ml) of the nourishing shampoo, the scalp revitalizer (10ml) and the Aveda Men Pure-Formance composition oil (30ml).

Just use “MENSHAIR“ at checkout. Try it guys!




In collaboration with Aveda Germany.


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