Last week at Berlin Press Days I gathered a lot of new inspirations for the coming fall/winter collection but also for interior. But why for interior?

Main reason is that we visited a lot of agencies and most of them have a really stylish interior furnishing. I’m really interested in contemporary and vintage design, architecture and furniture. Last Saturday I took the opportunity and visited my favorite concept shopping mall of the city, Bikini Berlin, to improve my photography skills and to give you a detailed insight of Bikini Berlin’s great selection of furniture and decoration pieces. It’s not just a throwaway remark when I say “It is my favorite!“ Actually, I spend a lot of time there, meanwhile I even know each shop. Although it is located in an area with a lot of tourists, it provides the “hidden treasures“ of our city.

However, I went to Bikini Berlin and brought the camera with the intention to photograph every “cool-looking-corner“. My experience started in the ground-floor, the big hall where you can even see the monkeys in the zoo through the panorama window and clearly recognize that typical style of Berlin. Stylish cafés, Vitra chairs, cheeky quotes on chalkboards and superfoods.

In the Bikini Berlin you can see a big difference compared to conventional shopping malls: there are “Pop-Up Boxes“, which can be rented temporarily. They are a great opportunity for young designers and brands to show their new or first ever collections.

I started to look more precisely into those concept stores in the Pop-Up-Boxes and discovered “Odernichtoderdoch“. I think only the name makes one curious. It is the perfect place to gift someone a littleness or decorate your own flat with some creative citations.

Thereafter I discovered Spreegold, a three-floor-opportunity to fill one’s stomach with healthy food and drinks. They opened just recently so I really wanted to go there and what I saw was huge. It offers a restaurant in the ground-floor and a bar in the second floor. The terrace is a super nice spot to hang out in the summer. Beside it is set up very comfortable, a lot of black mixed up with wood, old school but modern at the same time. Actually Toni and I enjoyed a very tasteful dinner on Sunday there. Spreegold is something very valuable for Bikini Berlin itself and definitely worth for a visit.

Next stop was Artek. A concept store which provides a thrilling combination of objects and culture.
Probably my favorite store inside Bikini Berlin when we talk about interior.

You can discover some very stylish chairs, also from Vitra, magazines and home accessories. Sweet notice: You can sip a cup of coffee inside the store.

“Chaya“ is located on the other side of the mall, also in the second floor. It is a piece of Japan in the middle of Berlin. At Chaya you can detect Japanese treasures only. It is possible to participate in a tea tasting, so you really get the feeling of being in Japan.


To see the vintage furniture of “Yellow Curated“, you’ve to go up to Bikini’s stunning terrace which has approximately 7000 square meters. The stores offers an exclusive selection of unique vintage pieces, design Unikums, noble berber carpets and remarkable accessories. You can find brands like Hans Wegner, Arne Jacobsen, Charles & Ray Eames or Oskar Zieta. The Yellow Curated store was definitely on of our longest stops.

Last but not least: Another concept store called “Super“. You can select a delicious meal from a variable and creative composed menu (eat), relax with a coffee after a hectic shopping day (meet) and take away something very special for your sweethearts (shop). The interior design doesn’t disappoint and invites to a shorter or longer stay.

In collaboration with Bikini Berlin.

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