Not only my hair is important to me, which I showed you guys frequently here on my blog or on YouTube, by that time I also have to take care of my beard.

As I travel more and more, it is necessary to have a razor which can be taken along. REMINGTON just launched a new electrical shaver – the REMINGTON Flex360° Grooming Kit XR140 with a lot of helpful features. It comes with a bunch of additional attachments – a detail trimmer, a beard styler with adjustable comb, a brush head and a face brush for deep cleansing. The combination of technology and design provides excellent shaving results.

So let’s give you a short guide about my shaving routine. After I applied a little bit of my favorite washing lotion (in that case I recommend you to avoid peelings) and massaged it in my skin I put the black brush head on my Flex360°. Use it to clean your whole face, not only the beard. It revitalizes your skin, makes the whiskers smooth and prepares you for the further steps.

After drying my face I already feel more awake. I decided for the styling attachment, with which you can set the desired length. I skipped the mustache in this step, because I usually try to let it a little bit longer comparing to the rest of my beard. It grows slower and isn’t really thick yet. Thanks to the build in HyperFlex technology the shaver combines a close, comfortable shave with complete 360-degree control. It also fits perfectly into the palm of your hand, enhancing your natural wrist movement for a closer shave with complete control.

In my last step I perfect my mustache to bring out the contours, also with the styling attachment but without setting any length.

The whole process takes me about five to seven minutes.

Further benefits: The REMINGTON Flex360° series is lithium-powered and 100% waterproof. The shavers work for wet or dry usage with and without shaving foam.

Biggest for me: It has the perfect size for longer or shorter trips and the whole package to maintain my grooming routine. Get yours here:



In collaboration with Remington.


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