Davidoff – Cool Water. Can you guys believe that this was my first (!) experience with a perfume ever? A citation from my mum: “It always was a symbol for a good-smelling man“.Because of that she bought me that fragrance.

Let’s give you some more insights of what I experienced with Davidoff and some other great influencers on Sylt from July 24 to 26. It all started with an overwhelming arrival at the hotel “Budersand“ at the southernmost point of the island, which has justifiably 5 stars. Our rooms were simply amazing and from that on I knew that a three-day-stay will be way too short. It wasn’t very hard to recharge my batteries in the spa of the “Budersand“.
As all participants have arrived, we all enjoyed a delicious dinner at a restaurant beside the beach called “Samoa Seepferdchen“.

We got up early on Tuesday for a little workout at the beach with the professional windsurfer Florian Jung, who is the actual #13 on the world ranking list. A young and pleasant guy who made his dreams come true. After breakfast we made use of a little free time and explored the island with a BMW i8. AJ and I stopped near the beach and enjoyed the landscape of this beautiful island. Unbelievable what places even Germany offers. Photo by AJ (@stilysto).


We really got pampered there so around 12 p.m. it was time for some lunch again. Always a great opportunity to exchange views with new characters.

After lunch we all came together for what this trip was all about: The new Davidoff scent “Cool Water Wave“. It was launched in June and it differentiates decisively from the initial Cool Water.

In approximately one hour we got a detailed story about how that perfume became what it is. I really didn’t know that this could be so interesting.


So the Cool Water was launched in 1988 first and till yet it belongs to the most successful fragrances of all time. When I think about this perfume I always have that freshness and the ocean in my mind. Jean Jacques, one of the creators of the Cool Water Wave, and Florian associated five emotions while surfing with the five ingredients of the fragrance.

Emotion/Ingredient no.1

Grabbing the surfboard in the morning and paddle into the ocean. A sense of freedom and a vibrant freshness are gathered. Just like the “Wave“, which begins with an energizing Marine Splash Accord and Grapefruit notes.

Emotion/Ingredient no.2

You enter the deeper water, take a deep breath, and suddenly you feel an incredible rush of adrenaline. Here comes the Sichuan Pepper into play. It symbolizes adrenaline.

Emotion/Ingredient no.3

You are in the ocean, awake und full of adrenaline. Now you have to be patient, just like very often in life. In that case a surfer has to wait for the perfect wave to ride. When that moment comes, there a sense of absolute euphoria. You feel more alive than ever before. Juniper brings this intense euphoria to the heart of the fragrance.

Emotion/Ingredient no.4

The surfer is totally in his world, riding the perfect wave. There is only the athlete and the water, and there is this sensation of speed and maximum power. Vibrant wood accord brings in masculinity and symbolizes power and intensity.

Emotion/Ingredient no.5

The wave is surrounding the surfer, he views a light at the end of the water tunnel, and he shoots towards it. “It’s pure joy, the best feeling ever“, Florian said. So the last ingredient is Orange blossom flower. It brings that joy and positivity to the heart of the fragrance.

So then it was our turn. We went down to the beach, slipped into our wetsuits, and hopped onto our surfboards. All of us were willed but unfortunately the wind was simply too strong. Anyhow, it was fun even for a short period of time.

Having arrived in my room I took a warm bath with a great view over the ocean and my new friends from Davidoff.

I even own a customized flacon showing my initials. By the way, get yours here: https://www.flaconi.de/parfum/davidoff/cool-water/davidoff-cool-water-wave-eau-de-toilette.html?par=others.coty.davidoff-cool-water-wave-edt-blog

8 p.m. Already our last dinner, this time it was time for BBQ at the hotel’s restaurant called “Strönholt“. Marginal note: They closed the whole restaurant just for us! On the way up we recognized some blue letters down on the floor: “#CATCHTHEWAVE“. Another sweet attention.

Again, we enjoyed a delicious meal and exchanged some words. Besides, we had the amusement to see the second sundown on Sylt. And guys, they simply make you speechless on that island.

Tuesday was departure day. After breakfast and check-out our shuttle headed towards Westerland, which is the main part of Sylt. We walked along the beach with very comfortable temperatures and clear blue sky. Probably the decisive reason why I could never live on that island: A day like this is a real rarity, but all the better that we could experience this. After one last lunch together we had to say goodbye. Goodbye to all others and to three days full of well-being and enjoyment.

Summary: I got to know new kind people and faces, the hotel and its service was awesome, the food was more than delicious, we enjoyed surfing and learned a lot about the “Davidoff Cool Water Wave“. Beside all that I had the honor to work together with the brand of my first perfume ever. One more time It should be recalled that these little gifts like the Hashtags on the floor or the initials on the flacon rounded up this unforgettable stay. It was eventful, educational, and relaxing at the same time. THANKS!

In collaboration with Davidoff Perfumes.

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