Well, blond. You guys probably got to know me with beard, dark hair, and my rather southern look. So wherefrom came my decision for such a big change?

I discovered a lot of kind comments on my latest video on Instagram, in which I first showed you my new hair color. A few of them where like “hey you look like Justin Bieber“. And really, that is a big complement because that fella simply looks cool and everything suits him. So has JB something to do with all this?

Actually, yes. I followed his journey since he launched “Purpose“ very intensively. First I got inspired by his hairstyle in “What do you mean“ and as I’m one of those guys who likes to carry out one or the other experiment with his hair I just had that in mind. So I let my upper hair grow and you guys saw me more than a year meanwhile with that haircut.

But let’s be honest, as JB dyed his hair blond for the first time it was even more lit. From that on I also had that in my mind. So this week it was time for that change and I was positively surprised and therefore very happy about doing this. And I’m even more happy that you guys celebrate this so much!

So how will it go on? I’ll keep it like it is until the beginning of September. Then, I’ll make a fresh cut and also a fresh coloring. Two or three weeks later I’ll dye them silver, maybe with a little touch of pink, we’ll see. So then they’re slowly going to be ruined and that is one reason for me to cut them completely off. The other reason is simply because of the comfort factor. My upper hair annoys me for such a long time already.

I also have further plans for hairstyles and I’ll try them all, of course. Stay tuned!

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