Yes, this could probably be my first blogpost about Los Angeles. Could be. Some of you guys might have seen my Instagram story from last week’s Thursday and already know that Richy and I didn’t takeoff towards the USA. Why? Here is the full story.

My move was one of the hardest stages in my life so far. Fortunately that all had a quick end when I found my dream flat, carried all my belongings there, and furnished it all. A short trip to Catalonia gave me some rest and my anticipation for L.A. got bigger and bigger.

Richy arrived in Berlin on Tuesday evening, exactly when my plane landed from Spain. Wednesday was super busy as I had to shoot a few cooperations. The last thing was trying to do the online Check-In at the Air France website. I tried it several times but for some reason it didn’t work. That was the very first time that I couldn’t accomplish an online Check-In. However, we were more than ready for California.

Thursday, September 28, 6:50 a.m.

At this time, our Air France flight 1135 took off from Berlin Tegel towards Paris, and then further towards Los Angeles. We wanted to get up at 4 a.m. at the latest. My alarms were set for 3:30 and 4:00, Richy’s for 4:05, 4:10, 4:15. FIVE ALARMS!

I only remember this scene: Richy asked me super tired: “Bro when are we going to stand up?“ I looked at my phone: 6:33 a.m. Of course we were more than shocked and admitted, we cried internally because we knew that we’ll miss this plane. While we put on our shoes we asked ourselves what we should do in a situation like this. We didn’t know because this was our first time missing a plane!

Only 30 minutes after our flight was gone we already arrived at Tegel (around 7:20 a.m.). We queued up at the Air France ticketing counter, at least for one hour.


There was one last chance. At 9:55 a.m. there was a machine from Tegel to Charles de Gaulle. Connecting flight to Los Angeles at 13:10 p.m. But both aircrafts were fully booked. At the counter they told us that the first chance to get to L.A. would be on Saturday, so two days later than usually planned, but we’ve to call the customer service of Air France for the rebooking.

Unfortunately I booked it at an online travel agency and not directly at Air France. So the airline couldn’t do anything for us and the travel agency said: “When you don’t board your outbound flight, the whole booking (including the return flight) will be cancelled.“ We booked the flights and an apartment in Venice, but it was all gone. Because we didn’t hear five alarms. How can that be possible? To miss five alarms? That never happened to us before and we still believe that only two of them were ringing.

Richy and I immediately searched for any southern destinations. But the flights were simply too expensive. As I didn’t want to stay in Berlin I decided to come back to my hometown for one week. Linz instead of Los Angeles.

Yesterday I got a voice mail from Felix, who is part of our usual “group“ for L.A. and who’s already there for two weeks. He told me that there was a gunfire in Las Vegas in the night from Sunday to Monday. You know what guys? This was exactly the night we planned to be in Vegas. What would have happened if we were there? I totally believe that everything happens for a reason. Why couldn’t I do the Check-In? Why didn’t we hear five alarms? It was not our time and it was destiny, I guess.

Photo by Felix.


  1. Ich habe gerade so eine Gänsehaut bekommen als ich diesen Blogpost gelesen habe…mir ist am selben Tag exakt die gleiche Geschichte passiert. Anderes Reiseziel – aber das weinen direkt nach dem realisieren und die (in meinem Fall 5 Wecker] die ich nicht hören konnte – unglaublich. !Everything Happens for a Reason! Ich hoffe ihr kommt ganz bald nach LA und habt diesen Schock gut verarbeitet.


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