With the MateBook X, HUAWEI manufactured a true beast under notebooks. They accomplished it to fuse noble design with strong engineering. Premium redefined.

The past four weeks were super busy and stressful. Maybe you guys have noticed that I just handled a moving. In a crucial life situation like this, everything has to be planned to the most detail.

So focussing on the very important points was probably more required than ever before.

Sometimes it is very hard for me to do work at home. Inspiration is missing and there are way too many distractions.

In these weeks I spent a lot of time in different coffee houses to get a sober mind. I ordered coffee, sat down, and unpacked my implement, the HUAWEI MateBook X.





Of course there are some ways to simplify a work session. Here are mine:


Especially when you’re planning to work outside your home, in a café or any other public place, try to get yourself comfortable. This even starts with your clothes, really! When you go out of the house for work it isn’t very important to wear the skinniest pair of jeans you have. I always wear sweatpants or loose fit suit pants, a cozy sweater or shirt (depending on the season, of course). Another point is to focus on the essentials. Don’t let anything distract you.


Probably the point with which it all starts. You have to know WHAT you have to do.

As I already mentioned above, planning and order is everything! If I wouldn’t have a to-do-list, which is always filled with notes, I’d never know what I have to do next. My advice for you guys is to open a new Word document and type in your “to-do’s“. Try to differentiate from the very important things and the things you have not to do immediately.

I need to create an own list for my very busy days, otherwise very important things wouldn’t be done.

Overview and Control

What I always do before I start working is opening up a few desktops. Mostly three: Leftmost is WhatsApp, in the middle there is my To-Do-List and my Password App, and rightmost is the Browser. Sometimes I have to open four or five desktops if I need Photoshop or something else too. This is the easiest way to always have the overview and control over your programs. It is more or less a continuation of planning and organization.


Often in life we hear “less is more“. Exactly the same applies at working en route. I really use the easiest ways to handle my mails, my appointments, my to-do’s, my obligations etc. Everything needful is already available on this notebook. You just have to start.

Technical data

The MateBook X weighs only 1.05 kg, which makes it a perfect companion for the working lesson on the way.

It has a 13.3-inch-screen and a bezel, the range from the active display to the outside margin of the device, of only 4.4 mm. This is a total screen-to-barrel-ratio of 88%. For me a crucial fact to call it “noble“. It has style and it’s fun to work with it.

It is only 12.5 mm thin. Minimalism at it’s finest.

HUAWEI created this notebook with a phase transition material that is also used in the aerospace. Thus it always remains cool and never gets warm. Long working sessions calling.

But the one technical characteristic that impressed me the most is the fingerprint identification sensor. A fact that should be lifted out. This enables a fast and secure login.

The HUAWEI MateBook X is the perfect solution for every Android fan.

In friendly collaboration with HUAWEI.

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