In the last weeks I got a bunch of new questions about how I style my hair from you again. This article is another perfect opportunity to give you some very easy tips for testing it out.

You know guys, we creatives and people of the fashion scene have a lot of things in common. We want to create, inspire and try out new things all the time. We are crazy and colorful people with ideas and tastes and we understand each other. Sure, we’re all individuals but somehow we’re all a big family. It doesn’t matter if male or female, gay, lesbian or heterosexual. For us, style is what really matters. KMS started something phenomenal with the “Genderless Grooming Campaign“ this September. Gender doesn’t matter, style does.

The products

KMS has launched three new hair products, which are perfectly manufactured for every style and gender. I’m very happy to be a part of this campaign and I want to take the opportunity to give you some more insights of these new products. Here are the key facts:

The HAIRPLAY Hybrid Claywax is the next generation of a classic Clay. It provides enduring, strong grip with a dry and matt finish. Innovation: It is formable like a wax.

My hair mostly needs a longer time, especially my blond hair, to get dry after shower. The HAIRSTAY Molding Pomade is the perfect solution when I’m a little in a hurry. When I don’t have time to blow dry my hair completely I’m very flexible with this product, because it is useable for dry hair as well as wet hair. If you guys have a similar length of upper hair than me, you can easily get that typical beach-look with the Molding Pomade.

Last but not least: The HAIRSTAY Hard Wax. Because of it’s smoothness it is more than just a simple wax. Thanks to it’s dry texture it provides a natural finish, without that typical fatty hair feel of a conventional wax.

How I style my hair with these products

I’ll now explain you guys in two simple ways how I’d style my hair with these three products and you’ll see that it is super to replicate. The first opportunity is already declared further up. The HAIRSTAY Molding Pomade will be used when I don’t have that much time for blow drying or lavishly styling. I dry my hair as much as possible with a towel, but still let it be a wet a little bit. The amount of the size of a hazelnut is totally enough for fixing my complete upper hair. Just make sure to encase all of your hair and put it on that side you usually have it. The consistence of my hair is brilliant afterwards and the ideal surfer-look is accomplished.


The second way takes a little longer, but it is usually the typical way how I style my hair.

After washing and completely blow drying my hair, I first use the HAIRPLAY Hybrid Claywax for the basis of my styling.

Same here, make sure to encase all of your hair with the Claywax. Step two is finishing it all up with the HAIRSTAY Hard Wax.

A very small amount of both is totally fine here as well.




I hope you can do anything with this information. Have fun with imitating and don’t forget:

“Nowadays beauty is much more multifarious than a few years ago and it’s okay to just be yourself“.

All photos taken by Samir Novotny.

Find out more about this campaign:

In friendly collaboration with KMS.

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