Meanwhile we all know and recognized that we live in a world where simply everything is possible. For a long time now, it is one of my purposes to improve my lifestyle step by step, make my living as easy and comfortable as possible. Now I entered into a new level of coffee consumption.

Cars, trains, medicine, infrastructure and so on. It all got better by and by. I’m only 23 and I even grew up with normal drip coffee makers. Nowadays it is totally normal to hold a little conversation with a small robot, ask him about the weather, the news, what’s on my schedule, and even if he can make me coffee. Of course, in good consultation with a coffee machine.

Arabica, robusta, flat white, espresso, ristretto, cappuccino, latte macchiato, espresso macchiato, decaf. Let’s call these chapter “coffee“. It’s interesting how coffee has became such a big thing over the years. As a teenager I never liked it’s smell and it’s taste at all. One day I plugged up enough courage to try out a latte macchiato. You know, it was important to have as much milk as possible, added some sugar and it was drinkable. This was the beginning of a meanwhile big friendship with coffee. Since I moved to Berlin, I started to understand the hype for coffee houses and why it is always something special to spend some time in them. Today I mostly drink coffee black with no sugar. Today I love the smell and the taste. It became part of me, part of my lifestyle.

However, I was always interested in newest technologies and improvements on the market. I’m sure that everyone who reads this article here has already known of this product: Amazon Echo. Now I’m sure that opinions about this little gadget will split. I mean, do we really need this for our daily routine?

To be honest, I was always a little bit skeptical about the Amazon Echo. But I always knew that it is fun to let a little speaker read the news to me. Qbo connects a 70-year coffee expertise with the latest technologies and a timeless, elegant designs. Here it comes all together. The Qbo You-Rista machine can be used with the Amazon Echo dot. The Qbo app makes it easy for every coffee lover to tailor their own creations. The fist “smart-coffee-maker“ is born.

So all I do is connecting my Amazon Echo dot with my Qbo You-Rista machine and ask Alexa for making me a coffee. Et voila, here’s my cappuccino without pressing any button. You can also define the settings and Alexa always makes you coffee at 7 a.m. Further it can also provide you valuable informations about the product coffee.

Get yours here:

In friendly collaboration with Qbo Coffee.

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