With the new fragrance “Artisan Pure“, the Greek-American fashion designer John Varvatos is writing the next chapter of his successful Artisan-Story. I’m happy to carry on this topic after spending two wonderful days in London back in last year’s November.

John Varvatos Artisan Pure combines a vitalizing mixture of citrus and fresh herbs with woody tones. It brings us to the green hills of Xalapa, Mexico and pours a refreshing and clear aroma.
But what exactly does the term “Artisan Pure“ mean? It is a reminiscence to the craftsmanship of the old world, combined with the ingenuity of modern technique.

The Artisan Pure scent also finds a connection to the latest collections of the fashion label John Varvatos. It is inspired by the lightly and naturally toned fabrics, and it embodies the same relaxing feeling like the fashion – rough and luxury at the same time. It is a masterpiece and definitely important to know as an owner of this perfume.

The fragrance

The overtone of the Artisan Pure is made of the following trio: Spanish lemon, Valencia orange and Calabrian bergamot. These Petitigrain-essences are building a fresh and solid basis.

Herbal accents of orange and coffee flowers, jasmine and Florentine iris as well as Resinoid complement the tones of cilantro seeds and cardamom give a sensual-masculine floweriness as a heart note.

Orris, Texan and Virginia cedar wood, Primavera wood from Mexico, Angelica root, Ambrette and the tonka bean rounding it all off.

The design

The flacon of the Artisan Pure is a true eyecatcher. I already had this thought in London, when I held it in my hand for the first time. Sand colored, hand-wattled rattan encases the fragrance. The closing cap and the bottom are inspired by the natural driftwood and spread the message again: A mix of roughness and luxury.

When I hold the Artisan Pure in my hand while smelling out the strong citrus and wood tones I see myself in a natural environment, between trees and bushes. I close my eyes, enjoy the silence and my Artisan Pure Moment.

Get yours: https://bit.ly/2pDVEm2

In friendly collaboration with John Varvatos.

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