You guys have probably seen my treatment with Sunshine Smile on Instagram. This treatment is about getting your perfect smile or rather getting your teeth straight in a surprising quick way. Sunshine Smile is working with invisible tooth aligners, which in my case should be changed every two weeks. Here’s a little summary of the process, in case you don’t know what it’s exactly about:

First step is to order the dental impression set at If I were you I’d use my code “kevinelezaj“ to save 20%. In addition, your treatment will be 100 euros less.

After you received the dental impression set, you have to follow the steps which will be enclosed. Basically you have to do an impression of your teeth by use of a mass, similar to a modeling clay. Then you should take photos of your natural dentition and send them over to Sunshine Smile. Afterwards they’ll create aligners which are perfectly aligned for you. In my case, there were 9 aligners, which means a total duration of 18 weeks (+ two weeks with the retainers makes 20 weeks in total).

What’s important:

Important is to let them in during day and night and as long as possible, predefined are 22 hours. So just remove them while eating and make sure your mouth cavity is clean before putting them back in. You also need to clean the aligners itself. Best would be to use a simple toothbrush and a soft soap. Avoid hot water for rinsing out and make sure to use the enclosed “chewies“ as often as possbile. This is a little spongy piece which is used like a chewing gum to maintain the aligners as tight as possible.

So yes, it is definitely about discipline. But if you really want something, you can do it, right?

The result:

So today I finished my 18th week and I’m ready for another two weeks with the retainers. Btw, after those two weeks you have to put in the retainers over night.

Here are some views of my progress …

In collaboration with Sunshine Smile.

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