Friday, July 7, 6 p.m.

After a smoothly 8 hour-flight a yellow cab drived up at JFK. The driver stowed our luggage and we set off towards Manhattan. After some usual traffic jam we crossed Williamsburg Bridge and were overwhelmed once again by those stunning buildings and streets. It always feels special and exciting to be there. You know, New York is just THE city. A city full of inspirations, differences, and unlimited possibilities. For all who have never been there, apart from this it totally delivers what it promises. It is exactly that kitschy for us europeans like in all that movies. Loud honking, a lot of traffic and taxis, rush, and many people everywhere. But all these things have something mesmerizing. Somehow, that rush there doesn’t really stress you, it makes you being a part of it.


So what was our mission for this week? Richy and I already were in the big apple last year’s February. Important side note: We had up to -35 degrees in those days. I think that was the crucial point to prefer going to New York again instead of Paris in summer. We just couldn’t really enjoy it, and even less create good content. We just wanted to see this beautiful city in warmer days. We also were super interested to attend New York men’s fashion week for SS18 season so we thought about combining it all in the week of July 7 to 14.

But let’s keep everything in the right order. Friday was about arriving, and detecting Lower East Side a little bit, which was our neighborhood.

So Toni, Richy and I woke up super early and tensely on Saturday. We made photos in Lower East Side, got some food and made our ways to Chinatown and Little Italy. Both districts were not far and we explored it on foot. Chinatown is awesome for photos and it is really like being in another world. Now I can say that I saw a little bit of asia as well although I’ve never been there before. Little Italy was sweet, but honestly a little disappointment. In Chinatown you really see chinese almost without exception. In contrast, you don’t really see Italians in Little Italy. It is like Disney land and we paid nearly 100 $ for three pizzas and some wine. For us it is called: Little disappointment.

On that day I wore Stan Smith sneakers from Adidas Originals, khaki shorts from A.P.C., a blue-white lined linen shirt from Samsøe & Samsøe, and the “Clubmaster“ from Ray-Ban.

Let’s make the next step, a step towards sunday.


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