Adventure is out there and it was time for the next.

Monday, August 21. We arrived in Sweden’s beautiful capital and I immediately recognized those typical northern vibes. Stockholm is a mixture of old buildings and modern architecture.

It has style and the money to build something new. No wonder, Swedish people seem to be more clever and faster than other Europeans. Therefore I regard them highly. People up there are smart and everything seems to be in order. And you know it guys, I believe in that.

We had the luck to stay a whole week there. The weather was fine and we slowly started with exploring the inner city. The project #EmbraceTheEssential was in progress and what could have helped me more than my companion, the Olympus PEN-F. Somehow it becomes tradition that I always have it on me when I enter northern areas. Short reminder for you, my first experience with the PEN-F was back in Hamburg and St.Peter-Ording in May:

So we struck off towards the old town and later we walked along that charming harbor. Hence our location for this shooting was found. My look totally merged with the old ship behind me, the Gustafsberg VII. And of course, the details of my camera were the cherries on the cake.

I don’t want to talk about any details of the PEN-F in this article. Maybe we could just focus on the one thing that it is made for: taking photos. I felt like a true sailor up there, just enjoyed the silence of the ocean, looked out for some special moments and pressed the shutter button. And one thing was remarkable, it felt so true!

In friendly collaboration with Olympus.

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