About 100 kilometers away from the airport El Prat in Barcelona, not far from Girona, there is this beautiful place called “PGA Catalunya resort“. “PGA“ is the shortcut of “Professional Golfers Association“. Yes, this is a paradise for passionate golf players.

The resort

And this is exactly what you can imagine. The resort has a total area of 300 hectares and two very big golf courses with a lot of green area. In between you’ll find those stunning private mansions, duplex houses, and apartments.

Prizewinning national and international architects came together to develop an innovative design concept which offers a modern and luxurious lifestyle.

With Barcelona, Girona and the Costa Brava nearby, the resort is a very attractive buyer’s option, especially for international clients.

Besides, the PGA Catalunya resort offers the residents club for it’s occupants, which is among others a wellness and fitness center.

Further there is a possibility to loan mountain bikes, play tennis on their own courts, a concierge service, a 24-hour security service, and a small food market. It is like a little town for selected owners of luxury properties. Silent, peaceful, and sealed off from every noise.

The hotel

Of course, the resort has a place for hosting guests, mostly fierce golf players.

And this doesn’t disappoint either. The Hotel Camiral belongs to the “LHW“, the “Leading Hotels of the World“.

It is a worldwide alliance of luxury hotels, resorts, and spas from different operators.

The facility

The view towards south, where most of the 145 rooms are located, is just overwhelming. Here, you’ll see the sunrise as well as the sunset, and the beautiful pool facility with it’s spacious seating possibilities. It perfectly invites you for trying a homemade cocktail from the bar, especially in summer evenings.

The rooms

The Camiral offers four types of rooms. The normal ones, either with view to the southern located pool or to the northern located golf course, the junior suites, the duplex suites, and one presidential suite. Characterized by subtle fabrics and designer furniture, the interior of the rooms appears very comfortable.

The hotel and the whole resort are truly building a little paradise. Not only for golf players, also for families, nature lovers, and people who just want to recharge their batteries. By the way, the service and attention of the staff is extraordinary. Thumbs up!

Here’s the link to the hotel: http://www.hotelcamiral.com/

In friendly collaboration with Hotel Camiral.

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