A tribute to the glitterati. Ruby Lilly is located directly in the heart of Munich’s inner-city, opposite the popular Löwenbraukeller. The location is a central initial position for cultural and historical highlights in the Bavarian central.

Famous museums like the new Pinakothek, the Glyptothek or the museum Brandhorst are right away and attainable by foot.

It is perfect for drawing attention to Munich’s tradition fashionably. Back then, the famous Degussa building was rebuilt to today’s hotel Ruby Lilly.

The interior reminds on Munich’s glitterati and it’s movie scene. The history of the cult figure Monaco Franze is a central focus of all public areas.

Real vintage furniture, modern design, and authentic drinks at the bar are creating an eased atmosphere and a touch of nostalgia. Also the name-giving consists on Monaco Franze, whose never-reached early love was devoted a hotel.

I know Munich as wealthy, commercial, a little bit strict. Not that cosmopolitan like Berlin. We arrived at the hotel and I instantly recognized the trendy side of it. The hotel bar invites for a little drink and the rooms command Marshall loudspeakers, amongst others.

We also had the fortune to enjoy a great weather in Munich, 25 degrees in October is a rarity. This invited to go up to the hotel’s small but mighty rooftop.

Here’s the link to the hotel: http://bit.ly/2hdedcn


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