Hello yhdessä ja ovat tervetulleita! I hope this is correct, it’s Finnish and means “Hello everybody and welcome“. My first time ever in Finland and this weekend the Klaus K hotel is going to be my current home. But what exactly brought us here?

Well to be honest, Helsinki isn’t really the most thrilling capital of all metropolises in Europe. That’s a fact that is known by many people I guess. Very northerly located, only about seven hours of daylight at this time, grey in grey, rainy, cold, and expensive as well. But hey, there is still something to explore, at least one big thing. New language, new people, new culture, new experience. And that’s what it is all about. I want to see as many countries as possible and get to know as many cultures as possible.

Friday, November 24, 2017. About 18 hours after we came home from London, Felix and I already checked in to the next hotel. Thanks to a warm welcome, Klaus K.

The Hotel

The four star hotel is located in the heart and center of Helsinki, where the old Art Nouveau buildings meet the modern Scandinavian lifestyle.

Everything like shopping possibilities, galleries, museums or other tourist destinations is in walking distance.


The hotel’s design is inspired by Finland’s national epic, Kalevala. Throughout the hotel’s interior there are small details that bring you to the world of Finnish folklore and mythology. Mystique, passion, desire, and envy are themes that have inspired Kalevala stories as well as us.

Beside being the first design hotel in Helsinki (!), it also a part of the community “Design Hotels“.

The Rooms

In total, the Klaus K hotel has 171 rooms. One segment form the Sky Double Rooms with the Sky Balcony, the Sky Loft, and the Sky studio. All Sky Lofts, like the one below, feature the most useful things like a TV, free Wifi, safe, minibar, hairdryer, bathrobes, high-quality mattresses, and a coffee maker. Sky Loft guests also get to enjoy the rooftop terrace on the 7th floor.

Then there are the Original Double Rooms with the Envy King, the Passion Double, the Desire King, and the Desire Twin, and the Original Single Rooms with the Mystical Single and the Passion Mini. In the Special Rooms, you can clearly recognize that every one of this room has another interior.

Here’s the link to the hotel: https://www.klauskhotel.com/en/

In friendly collaboration with Klaus K Helsinki.


  1. “Hei kaikki ja tervetuloa!” or just “Hei ja tervetuloa!” would be more correct, but nice anyway to read some Finnish here:-) Came here just to see what you have written about Finland/Helsinki – there are so many people who doesn’t even know that Finland exists, so it’s cool to hear someones opinion.
    Need to say that I am mostly very proud of Finland, but Helsinki is something I don’t like that much. I am living here right now for my studies but will not stay after graduation. I think the same as you that as a capital this isn’t so nice. I like the old buildings here but otherwise the city is nothing for me.
    And the darkness is the worst thing ever – hate it when it also affects to mental health every winter (we also have a word for it, kaamosmasennus, which means like winter depression). Snow would help a lot bringing light at the same time but winters are not so snowy these years, or maybe just in the north of Finland.

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