Neubau, Vienna, 7th district. Directly at the heart of the creative area of Austria’s capital, there is a very special, and for the city valuable, place: The 25hours hotel. The chain is represented in many exciting European cities already, that would be Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf, Zurich, and of course, Vienna.

The Hotel

So there is definitely and at least one protruding characteristic about the 25hour-hotels. There is always a varying style and motto on every location. If you know the hotels, you can easily recognize it by its interior. At the entrance of the hotel here in Vienna, a big lettering awaits you which says “We are all mad here“. As you guys know, that meanwhile I’m based in the very open-minded metropolis Berlin and was born in Austria which could never really keep pace with other countries regarding extraversion. So when you see a lettering with “We are all mad here“ you feel like a little bit proud of your home country. That’s why I mentioned it above, this place here is very valuable for Vienna, valuable for Austria.


After the first step into the hotel, you’ll see a big wall full of polaroid cameras which making fake shutter releases. It totally fits to the 7th district, which is more known as the place for the young, hip, and creative people. So what is the motto here in the 25hours hotel Vienna? The guests immerse into the colorful circus world of artists, clowns, and elephants. The hotel is their stage. No sign of clichés, sexy and surprising, surreal and exotic.

The Rooms

183 guest rooms and 34 suites. Vivid colors, individual vintage furniture, and exclusive wallpapers are characterizing the composition of the rooms. Mainly responsible person for this is the Berlin-based Illustrator Olaf Hayek. Here are some more photos of suite No. 509, by the way the greatest room I’ve ever been in a hotel before. Nice fact: It is all inspired by analog technology. A turntable with various records and a TV with tape player were things I’ve never seen in a hotel room so far. But my absolute highlight was the freestanding bathtub, at the terrace!


The Roof

The 25hours is not only interesting for people who want to stay overnight. The so-called “Dachboden“ (in engl.: garret) is a very trendy bar with a spacious range of drinks. The name says less that it offers, because the view over a few beautiful buildings here is stunning.

Here’s the link to the hotel:

Photos taken by me and Flo Moshammer.

In friendly collaboration with the 25hours hotels.


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