Dear readers, let me introduce you into a new chapter of my life: Asia. I’ve never been to this continent and it was definitely on top of my travel-list. This article is about my first impressions of a completely different world and about where and with whom I spend my first week here.

So finally said to myself: Let’s do Asia. And what could be better as a start than the world famous Indonesian island Bali. Pretty much all of my acquaintances were already here and I believe everyone who has an Instagram profile and follows the one or the other blogger or influencer also noticed something of Bali. This island, for me, is about warm temperatures, a lot of expatriates who just wanna surf here, a healthy lifestyle, and a lot of jungle and good vibes. And you know what? After two days here I already feel all this.

Richy, Susanna, and I will be here for 19 days (Jan 23 to Feb 10) in total, which is quite a good time to explore most of the island. Our three weeks will be completely splitted and different, which is also very exciting. For now, it is about catching the first impressions, joining some locals, and follow them around. The last two weeks, we’ll be on our own and try to explore as much as we can, based on some tips from locals and people who know Bali quite well already. But I’ll come to this next week. Let’s talk about our accommodation, where we’re currently sleeping.

It is the Rapture Surfcamp Padang. The camp also has three other facilities in Nicaragua, Portugal, and a second one in Bali. After 24 hours, we finally arrived on Tuesday in the late afternoon at the camp. On the way from the airport to here it quickly was recognizable, that what we saw outside was a completely different world. I’ve been to metropolises like Paris, London, and New York, in which I always feel comfortable. You can guess that here it is totally different. People sitting on old tyres next to the streets or driving their mopeds with their childs in the front, dogs are part of the partially busy traffic. It is so nice to see this side of the world and all that down-to-earth-attitude.

So we’re warmly welcomed at the Rapture Surfcamp. Tereza, one of the three ladies who work here, showed us around and brought us to our room, or let’s better say little villa. Somehow I believe it is kind of “normal“ here to have a two-storey bungalow with an outside shower and bath room. To be honest, this is something really extraordinary and new for me. Of course, I totally enjoy this and try to take as much with me as possible.

The camp is perfect for spending the very first week here. You have your daily surf lessions with funny instructors, yoga sessions and massage units whenever you want, you get to know the other people who are hosted here and have breakfast/dinner and a good time with them. Everybody here is super relaxed, nobody feels stressed or unpleasant. It feels like you can do whatever you want here. And trust me guys, this sometimes is so valuable in life. You really feel the vibe here and it’s the best to just follow it.

As with all of the Rapture Camps, ours is being run by owners who just love surfing. Surf guiding, lessons and even trips around Bali are offered. The resort is surrounded by a beautiful traditional Balinese garden with grass huts for all to sleep in. We have the honor to be accommodated in the Private Surf Sheed, which simply looks amazing.

Here’s the link to the property:

In collaboration with Rapture Surfcamp Bali Padang.

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