May 8, 2018. Yesterday I arrived at my current stay, the ‘Terme di Saturnia – Spa & Golf Resort’ in the middle of Italy. It really couldn’t be better to fade the last 30 days away. This resort gives me exactly the treatments I need right now.

Ok, this shouldn’t sound like the last 30 days were super hard and stressful. But in fact, I travelled a lot in that period. In total, I visited five different countries and slept in five different lodgings. After Mallorca, Amsterdam, Casablanca, Vienna, and Munich I am super happy now to stay at the ‘Terme di Saturnia’ in the more than beautiful Tuscany, Italy. Not only the fact that I love listening to the Italian language (it’s by my favorite btw), but also that this resort will give me exactly what I need right now after all these trips: Rest and new energy.

It might be hard for all onlookers who always see my beautiful accommodations and travel destinations. They might think that this fella has a super relaxed life. Yes I totally have and I love it, but nonetheless it’s more than 80% work I do on these trips and it definitely takes a lot of effort and energy.

But let’s talk about the place I’m staying at the moment. The resort’s purpose is to guarantee their guests a holistic wellbeing during their stay. With the so-called “Rebalance@Saturnia“ program, the guests get a full support to reobtain their physical and psychological shape. Here, it is all about a healthy lifestyle, the combination of a balanced nutrition, and sports.

Interrupt at least once a year your daily routine and pull the plug out of the socket.

I’m glad that there’s nothing big to do during this stay. I really want to follow this quote for the time I’m here. What I’m trying to do is just go with the flow. I’m here. I’m at peace. Let’s enjoy this.

Of course, all the circumstances are ideal for recharging at this place. The “Maremma“, with its unparalleled colors, is a landscape which reaches a historical, archaeological, and natural context in the southern part of Tuscany. It is important and unknown at the same time. At every stain of the Maremma you can find remains of the time of the Etruskers, the Romans, of the dark age, and the Renaissance, which testify that people are living here for more than 3000 years consistently.

Further, the healing characteristics of the natural spring water are decisive. It contains sulfuric, carbon, sulfate, natron, alkali, and soil elements. Altogether, these substances help to deal with different skin problems, and operate as a natural peeling. They act vasodilating and antiphlogistic, relax the muscles, and even purge the liver.

The thermal park is a relaxing area with four thermal water basins, waterfalls, a whirlpool, cold-warm water parkours, a spa boutique and cafe. The thermal water has a consistent temperature of 37 degrees and therefore it suits perfectly for relaxing baths all-year.

The “Terme di Saturnia“ offers 128 rooms in total, two of these are grand suites, eleven executive rooms, 60 De-Luxe rooms, and 21 superior rooms.

Here’s the link to the hotel:

As April’s and May’s trips tend to an end, I can now give away that I’ll publish a Vlog about all my experiences that I captured. Follow me on YouTube if you don’t want to miss it.

In friendly collaboration with Terme di Saturnia.

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