Ericeira, Portugal. A small paradise for surfers from all over the world. After staying at the Rapture Surf Camp in Bali in January, maybe some of you guys still remember, I have the honor to explore Portugals west coast and surf through European waters.

Our 4-week trip through south-west Europe started on last weeks Monday at Côte d’Azur in Nice. We also visited Monaco for one day, means we had a lot impressions from the start on. On Thursday we headed to Lisbon. First time ever I set foot on Portuguese ground. So the first week was about seeing different cities and creating content there. Until next Monday it is about one major thing: Surfing.

The big difference to Bali is that we’re way more people here at the camp. Around 40 they told us. Definitely cool to get to know some souls but you also notice it in the water. Way too many surfers for this little bay, as other surf schools are there as well. So it’s also about finding the right time to go out and catch the waves.

The Rapture Camp in Portugal is only about 200 meters away from the beach. It is based in a large 2-level Portuguese style house. Breakfast is served from 8-11 am, dinner takes place daily at 8 pm and everyone is enjoying the night together, which gives a warm holiday feeling with a cool company. Also perfect that the World Cup takes place at the moment.

Ericeira is one of the best and most consistent summer surf destinations of Europe. Let’s get used of this.

Here’s the link to the property:

In friendly collaboration with Rapture Surfcamp Portugal.

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