Dear diary. Today I’m sitting here alone at my beautiful home in Berlin, where I always wanted to live, writing this text here.


So first, let’s leave some words about our trip through south-west Europe. Nice, Monaco, Lisbon, Ericeira, Madrid, Santorini, Mykonos. 4 weeks, 30 days, 720 hours. That’s a long time though and I think it’s the longest time I’ve ever been away from home. But wait, where and what is home? During these 4 weeks I didn’t have the idea of coming back, not even for a second. And I can tell you why. I’ve been to amazing places, visited most of them for the first time. So many new impressions, which wasn’t always easy to process in this short period. But the real reason for this were my companions. You can bring me to all these places over the world, but I wouldn’t go anywhere without my closest friends.

Many of you asked me what this trip mainly was about and how am I able to make holidays for such a long time. Well guys I can tell you this, it definitely wasn’t just about doing holidays. It primarily was about exploring new places and creating content for us, and for you. We managed everything by ourselves, planned this for weeks. Expect our stay at Rapture Camp in Ericeira it was all paid by ourselves. We just had 2-3 collaborations each, which we worked on abroad. It was the first time that we organized it to bring two videographers with us. Feo was part of our clique for the first week, Erkan for the last two weeks. Today, after we published both of their videos, I can say that it was the f*** best decision to bring them with us. I’m so happy about this, happy that everything went off smoothly, happy that we had such a great time together. You can see the videos here.

These weeks were characterized by creative exchange. We pushed each other and we f*** enjoyed every moment. We found the perfect mixture of making holidays and creating useful content. That’s exactly how I wanted it before this trip started. I feel like I achieved another level in my life, where nothing is impossible. I have so much good and healthy energy in me, which rinses out all the negative bullshit that comes into my life sometimes. Good vibes are beating bad vibes.

With Feo’s & Erkan’s work, this feeling even became bigger. After seeing the results in their videos I can say that they really gave everything. You can see that they enjoyed it like we did. We all want the same and this makes us all better in what we’re doing. This journey isn’t over guys, trust me.


  1. Wow this was amazing. Can you give us details on what type of video cameras were used? Would love to do this for my own vacations. 🙂

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