I have a big passion for capturing special moments. Photos are memories and they can be art. Photography has a lot to offer. Besides, I’m super interested in videography. Movies and moved pictures combined with good quality and a good idea behind do attract people’s attention much more. I create tutorials, travel and lifestyle videos for a good mood, vlogs, and lookbooks.


One big part here are my hair tutorials. Many people ask me, how I care and prepare my hair and which products I use. Of course I’ll upload a new video, if I change my haircut again.



My most loved work, by far. I can pack my whole summer memories in a few minutes and you’ll know about it.



Not long ago I started talking in some of my videos. It is definitely the best way to come closer to the viewer. Furthermore the fun factor, which is also very important to me, plays the chief part.



From now on I will publish more videos about my outfits to give you closer insights.